The mission of Asha Imports is to be a voice for people who have no voice. Our focus in business is to bring hope to the poor and oppressed people of our world; in fact, the Hindi word "Asha" means hope. We distribute products made by people who have been given a chance to rise above their circumstances and take back their humanity.
Bringing Hope to women in the sex trade
In Southeast Asia, there are many people who are suffering through poverty-stricken lives. Many times, poverty and cultural demands cause women to turn to the sex trade. We are partnering with individuals in Calcutta, India to help these women realize that there is a better future for them, that they do not have to live their lives selling their bodies. The hope that is brought to these women is that they can make a choice. One of these choices is making jute bags. For women who choose to get out of the sex trade, they have the opportunity to be employed and make jute bags, receive a fair wage, and change their lives tremendously.
Bringing Hope to people in the slums
Because of low income levels in Southeast Asia, many people are forced to live in slums. It is estimated that 30% of people living in Calcutta, India are living in the slums. Many people cannot find jobs because of the numerous cultural and economic hindrances. People that reside in the slums may have skills, but they are unable to market their abilities. We are involved with organizations that employ people out of the slums in India. They are taught tailoring skills as well as various other skills that can be used to support their families.
Bringing Hope to the poor
The problem of world poverty is not only a daunting issue, it is a way of life for a countless number people. Obviously, there is no quick fix to poverty, but there are ways to help tip the scale back in favor of the poor. Our goal is to bring hope to the poor through international business, one person at a time. The exploitive view of business that so many Western companies have adopted is not the only aspect of international trade. Business can be used to bring people out of their impoverished situations. The distributing of products that are made by these beautiful people is what we are all about. Join with us in bringing hope to the poor.